Bubble prints


This is such fun activity for 3+ year olds. Blowing bubbles is a fun activity in itself. Now imagine adding colors to the bubble liquid and making bubble prints on large size papers. How about making it a group activity. Guaranteed fun!

I did this activity in a jiffy with Ananya and used only couple of colors. She had so much fun. Not just that the bubble blowing is considered a great way to develop those fine and gross motor skills. This activity if done in a group helps build social skills as well.


Mix it up!


Mix it up by Herve Tullet is a wonderful book that introduces the little ones to the amazing concept of color mixing.

I read Ananya the book and she mixed colors. The combination of book and art is such an amazing idea. A truly hands on experience.

She has asked to do the color mixing activity so many times since this project. I have given her all colors not just the primary colors. A great mix of art and knowledge building.



Scratch art


Scratch art is a very easy and fun technique that we can try with kids 3-5 age group. It is a good mix of open ended + technique driven art elements.

Few points to consider:

  1. small note size thick paper
  2. tape the paper
  3. Oil pastels
  4. thin layer of black paint would do
  5. have something sturdy, and pointy for scratching the paper like a pencil, fork, stick

Here are some pictures.

Play dough fun


Ananya and I made some play dough at home. There is something about homemade play dough. That satisfactory look on your kid’s face. You know how much they love helping you in the kitchen. This time I added few drops of eucalyptus oil. It was  an out and out sensory experience – squishing, kneading, shaping the soft and warm dough, the amazing eucalyptus smell and not to forget the warm pastel colored dough.

Here are some pictures:

Egg carton art project


This one was another of the no fuss art projects. Ananya was engaged for almost thirty minutes which I think is amazing for a toddler.

You will need

– Egg carton

– Tempera paints (one or more colors. maybe set of rainbow colors.)

– Paint brush

– I even gave her glitter glue.

This is a very open ended project. Maybe mix up some glue with tempera paint and let them paste decorative items (sequins, confetti, stickers, tissue paper etc). It becomes a  Egg carton collage then.

IMG_20150708_090746 IMG_20150708_090752 IMG_20150708_091017 IMG_20150708_091034 IMG_20150708_091210 IMG_20150708_091212 IMG_20150708_091419 IMG_20150708_091438

Once she was done with painting, I gave her glitter glue in squeeze bottles. I also gave her a spoon. After every squeeze, she would mix up all the glue. She enjoyed the process of squeezing and mixing so much!

IMG_20150708_091626 IMG_20150708_091705 IMG_20150708_091709 IMG_20150708_091817 IMG_20150708_091859 IMG_20150708_091951 IMG_20150708_092135 IMG_20150708_092302 IMG_20150708_092634 IMG_20150708_092830 IMG_20150708_092834 IMG_20150708_093050 IMG_20150708_093556 IMG_20150708_093609

Like any other process art project, there is not much of an end product. What matters is the process – having fun painting, squeezing, mixing.


Kitchen table art project


This requires quick set up and minimal requirements

All you need:

– Black construction paper

– White and/or light color paint

– Q-tip, fork, paint brush, spoon.

– Tray (to contain the mess)

The pictures speak for themselves. Ananya spent a good 25 minutes and that helped me to get my cooking started. Whats more is once she was done with this art project she was ready for some independent play. Art does something to her mood.

IMG_20150708_173757 IMG_20150708_173825 IMG_20150708_173831 IMG_20150708_173932 IMG_20150708_174220 IMG_20150708_174246 IMG_20150708_174331 IMG_20150708_174339 IMG_20150708_174507

Tape resist art


This is perfect project for toddlers. You can either tape the watercolor paper for the child or let the child do that process as well and then PAINT!

IMG_20150701_155509 IMG_20150701_155816 IMG_20150701_155838 IMG_20150701_155919 IMG_20150701_160021 IMG_20150701_160038 IMG_20150701_160104 IMG_20150701_160141

I love this pic!!


Once she was done painting, I gave her a toothpick to scribble on the wet paint. She was delighted to see the effect it created.


See the array of colors.


Once the paint dried up, I removed the tape.


Love it!


This one we did on mother’s day at one of the art play date.