Different art techniques


One evening after Ananya’s nap, she and I worked on a couple of art techniques. The salt, glue and art technique had a bit too many steps so it was a bit intimidating at first. The crayon resist with watercolor technique was easy to follow. More her age appropriate.

Squeezing the glue. Her first time.

IMG_20150430_165419 IMG_20150430_165442

Pouring salt over the glue which she thoroughly enjoyed.


Then coloring over the lines. As evident, she eventually painted all over the paper not just over the glue and salt. That’s okay.



Moving over to the crayon resist with watercolor art technique. We used oil pastels but crayons work fine too.

Ananya started with scribbling with oil pastels.

IMG_20150430_171426 IMG_20150430_171433

Once she was done scribbling, I had her paint with watered down water color.


See how the oil pastels (including the white color) resisted the watercolors and showed up clearly.

IMG_20150430_172036 `


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