Process art

Introduction to process art

When Ananya was about 20 months, I started taking her to art and music class in Sunnyvale. I knew she would like music but I was wondering about what art will a toddler do. I was so wrong. That class quickly became her favorite class. She would be the first to sit and the last to leave during the art activity. It was an incredible mix of art and sensory fun. She loved it. In fact, it was not just her I would see other kids so happily involved as well.

That was also the time when I got to know about process art from one of the awesome teachers there. She told me how toddlers and even preschoolers approach art as a whole body experience. For them, the final product is not important. It is all about exploring the different facets of art (technique, tools and materials). It is about the process not the product.

Some of Ananya’s first art projects in the class. Great memories.

IMG_20150702_171122 IMG_20150702_171130 IMG_20150702_171225 IMG_20150702_171227 IMG_20150702_171245

Most of the art projects that I do with Ananya or her friends are open ended process focused projects. This gives them the opportunity to make decisions, think creatively, take ownership of their work, work in collaboration, express their feelings. These are few of the many benefits the arts can provide to a young child. I can go on and on.

Few pics of process art, I gave her lego toys, sponges, bowl, paint brushes, chocolate cookie sheet, q-tips, cotton balls, lotion bottle to paint with or on.

IMG_20150527_165014 IMG_20150527_165104 IMG_20150527_165109 IMG_20150527_170916 IMG_20150527_170927 IMG_20150527_171316 IMG_20150528_191153 IMG_20150528_191548 IMG_20150528_191553

IMG_20150702_171105 IMG_20150702_170951 IMG_20150702_170942 IMG_20150702_170847


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