Art playdate


Aarav and Anika came over for art play date. I wanted to try the glue, salt and watercolor technique with the kids from a long time. I also had a few toilet paper rolls that I decided would be used for a collage project today,

IMG_20150602_160146 IMG_20150602_160243

We started with the salt, glue and watercolor technique. I gave a demo to the kids. I started with pouring some regular glue on the watercolor paper (Squeeze bottle liquid glue works best). You can make a design or just simply go with the flow. Then I sprinkled some salt on the paper and with a dropper I added a couple of drops of watercolor on the salt and glue design. It was pretty cool to see how the combination of salt, glue and watercolor lets the paint travel by itself across the lines of the design.

They were all hooked to the process. Every time the paint traveled through the lines they had big smiles on their faces. Next time I am going to try this on black construction paper.

IMG_20150602_171611 IMG_20150602_171620

Next project was the toilet paper roll project. I placed a tray full of decorative items – Start stickers, washi tape, felt pieces, tissue paper, some paint, sequins.

Here are the finished pieces entirely done by these kids.

IMG_20150602_173344 IMG_20150602_173359 IMG_20150602_173412


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