MOCHA Art Studio


On a Friday morning, I decided to take Ananya to MOCHA. They have a open studio on Friday and Saturday every week. They set up different art stations for the kids and the parent/kid duo can spend as much time as they want to in each of the stations.

Ananya loves hanging out at the clay station. They set up some clay for each kid and tools to create or just simply play around with the clay. Some of the tools they use are simple kitchen equipment.

IMG_20150605_105201 IMG_20150605_105208

The next one was a really cool idea. They made good use of the easel here. The name of this art station was ‘Let it rain’. So you stick a paper on the easel and squeeze paint top to bottom. Ananya loved playing around at this station. Children love the art of squeezing. It makes for a great motor skill activity as well.

IMG_20150605_110155 IMG_20150605_110455 IMG_20150605_110508 IMG_20150605_110514

We moved on to the huge painting wall. One side of the wall has kitchen tools to be used to paint. This is such a simple yet effective idea. Sponges, potato masher, pastry brush, forks are being used. It gives a different perspective of using not just paint brushes but regular items from our daily lives to paint.

IMG_20150605_110734 IMG_20150605_110909

The other side of the wall has stubby paint brushes with bright colors. Its hard to not get attracted to this kind of amazing invitation.

IMG_20150605_111422 IMG_20150605_111429 IMG_20150605_111507

Her absolute favorite Hand printing.

IMG_20150605_111551 IMG_20150605_111708

Next, we did marble/ ball painting. This is such a simple idea but the final product almost always comes out spectacular. If nothing, the process is great fun both for the kid as well as the parent.

There were about 4-5 balls with 4-5 different color paint set up. I guided Ananya to dip each of the ball in different colors and place them in the plastic box. There was a plain white paper already in the box. Once all the balls were placed, I asked Ananya to help me hold the box and then we started moving the box side to side swinging like a pendulum.

IMG_20150605_112134 IMG_20150605_112149

Here’s what happened from the all the swinging. Ananya got so excited and repeated the experiment few more times.


We went back to the clay station. Clay/Play dough in general is a very good sensory tool. It always acts as a soothing experience after a hectic day.

IMG_20150605_114345 IMG_20150605_115451 IMG_20150605_115756 IMG_20150605_120101

Just before we left, we made a quick stop at the ‘Popsicle stick bubble letter’ station. By now, Ananya was too tired to be entirely involved in the project. I helped her with pasting the first letter of her name. She decorated a bit and was satisfied. I am definitely trying this at home some time soon.



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