Art playdate


Vama had come over to do art with Ananya one afternoon. I had two art projects and then some kinetic sand ready for them.

I set up a Collage project and Sticker art project for them.


For the collage project, we used black construction paper, some torn tissue papers, foil, felt pieces, upcycled sheets from chocolate boxes, random pieces of paper. You can pretty much use any thing that could be stuck on the construction paper.


Vama and her mom worked together with the glue. She enjoyed pasting the different items used to make the collage. Each of these items have a different texture and feel to it. It is exciting to see these toddlers explore each of this items.



We moved on to the Sticker art project. Here I placed some simple star stickers in various colors.

Ananya managed to peel off few of the stickers by herself. Sometime I helped her. With Vama, I told her mom to peel off the stickers, place it on the edge of the table and let her stick on the water color paper.

They enjoyed the whole process of decorating the stickers on the paper. Particularly, the part where they get to decide which color sticker they wanted on their paper.


Once they were satisfied with the stickers. I gave them water colors to paint. They painted to their heart’s content. I also gave them salt to see how it affected the texture. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sprinkling salt all over the paper.

IMG_20150611_170635 IMG_20150611_171828


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