Quick art project


This one was a really quick art project that Ananya and I did together. It was a mix of collage and salt and water color technique. Totally a process art project.

I cut a piece of card board from the many amazon boxes that I have been saving.

I gave her some glue and colored torn tissue papers. She started with gluing and pasting the tissue papers on the card board. Once that was done, she said she wanted to paint. So I gave her blue water color and some salt. She loves sprinkling salt over the water colors. She is always excited by the effect it creates when the salt absorbs the water color. She kept experimenting until I told I didn’t have any more salt left.

Few pics of process art:

IMG_20150612_111919 IMG_20150612_111938 IMG_20150612_112104 IMG_20150612_112405 IMG_20150612_112542 IMG_20150612_112550


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