Father’s day art project


I decided to have Ananya make a medal for father’s day. This was not entirely an open ended art project as I generally like doing. But with a little help it was a simple fun project for toddlers and up.

This project was a good mix of art and craft. I used the paper plate and construction paper to make the medal. I decided to use the water color resist technique with oil pastel for the art portion of the project.

Materials I gathered:

– Paper plate (any cheap quality works)

– Water color paint mixed with regular white glue.

– Stubby paint brush for toddlers.

– Sequins, confetti, foam shapes, Stickers, glitter glue.

– Oil pastel

IMG_20150618_161808 IMG_20150618_161813

Unfortunately, I forgot to click pictures during the process. I wrote the Father’s message with the oil pastel on the paper plate. From thereon, both the girls started with painting the paper plate. Since the paint was already mixed in glue, they went about pasting the decorative items from the tray. Vama loved to use a lot of sequins. Ananya was all over the place with the glitter glue.




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