Puffy paint experiment


This experiment is a great example of a combination of art and sensory fun. It is also a good example of process art. We cannot really save the final product because of the nature of the experiment. But the process itself is so fascinating that you would care less about final product.

I made the puffy paint at home. There are tons of easy puffy paint recipes on the internet. All the ingredients are such that you can find in your kitchen shelves. I bought red and yellow squeeze bottles from Dollar store and filled up the puffy paint with red and yellow colors.

I set up the activity on my island kitchen table. Apart from the paint, you will need water color paper or any thick paper will do.

Ananya started with squeezing the paint on the paper. She absolutely loves squeezing. Its a great motor skill activity.

IMG_20150619_181720 IMG_20150619_181751

I gave her q-tips. She made some circular designs with it.


She decided she wanted to squeeze some more. This time red on yellow.

IMG_20150619_182921 IMG_20150619_183020

Once she was satisfied with all the colors on the paper. I placed the paper in the microwave for about 35-40 seconds. When I took the paper out, the colors had dried and puffed up. Ananya was totally fascinated by the result.

IMG_20150619_183221 IMG_20150619_183232 IMG_20150619_183335 IMG_20150619_183340 IMG_20150619_184400

We repeated the experiment many number of times that evening.


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