Loose part play and more


I love the whole idea of open ended play. What a wonderful way of encouraging thinking, creativity and originality!

Loose part play is a Reggio Emilio technique which encourages all of the above in a very appealing way. I laid out a tray full of rhinestones, foam shapes, big and small pebbles, sea shells, sequins and confetti, straws and toothpicks. I also placed some play dough on the side.


Ananya was excited to see what was this all about. Since it was her first time I helped her get started.


She then rolled her dough. She decided to use sea shells to decorate her play dough.

IMG_20150623_164641IMG_20150623_165413 IMG_20150623_165415 IMG_20150623_165419 IMG_20150623_165423 IMG_20150623_165506 IMG_20150623_165514 IMG_20150623_165522 IMG_20150623_165523

She then did some print making with the left over play dough.


Went back to decorating the dough. This time she used some other objects from the tray.

IMG_20150623_165918 IMG_20150623_165925

After some playing with the new stuff, she went back to her old obsession. Making a cake out of the play dough. Putting a straw candle and singing Happy Birthday song.


Only this time she decided to use scissors to cut the cake.


Later, she used the scissors to cut noodles that I made out the play dough.

IMG_20150623_170325 IMG_20150623_170336

Fun interactive session!


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