MOCHA visit – Art and Nature


Ananya and I visited MOCHA art studio today. Today’s theme was Art and Nature. We had lot of fun exploring different art stations.

Starting with Stamping


Busy painting on the paint wall.

IMG_20150626_111920 IMG_20150626_111959 IMG_20150626_112211 IMG_20150626_112229

Mud painting

IMG_20150626_113626 IMG_20150626_113632

Fish printmaking

IMG_20150626_114245 IMG_20150626_114453

Printmaking is good. But I love finger painting!


Moving on to sand art

IMG_20150626_115854 IMG_20150626_115943

Mosaic art with beans and Ananya’s favorite birdie made with clay.

IMG_20150626_121131 IMG_20150626_121349

Painting and printmaking using leaves, sticks, recyclable items, rosemary herb and many such nature focused items.



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