The Art beat – Art Studio


The art beat is an art studio located in Campbell, CA. I signed up for their parent and kid classes. In the first class, they showed us how to make plate with clay. Later, Ananya and I designed the plate using printmaking technique. The teacher was later going to dry the plate by heating it in a kiln.


In the second class, Ananya was checking out the dried plate by touching and then scratching the surface.



After she was done exploring, we picked up a few colors and started painting the plate.


It was a collaborative effort. The owner mentioned that she will once again place the plate in the kiln. We would be able to see the finished product in the next class.


The second project was full of sensory experience. Shaving cream mixed with red and blue colors. Ananya loves to indulge in sensory experiences whether it is finger painting, kinetic sand or shaving cream. She enjoys the whole process of touching, mixing, squishing.

IMG_20150627_093812 IMG_20150627_094427 IMG_20150627_094430 IMG_20150627_094432

This also turned out to be a great color mixing experiment. Ananya now knows through practical experience that red and blue when combined becomes purple. We might have to try this at home with other primary colors.


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