Egg carton art project


This one was another of the no fuss art projects. Ananya was engaged for almost thirty minutes which I think is amazing for a toddler.

You will need

– Egg carton

– Tempera paints (one or more colors. maybe set of rainbow colors.)

– Paint brush

– I even gave her glitter glue.

This is a very open ended project. Maybe mix up some glue with tempera paint and let them paste decorative items (sequins, confetti, stickers, tissue paper etc). It becomes a  Egg carton collage then.

IMG_20150708_090746 IMG_20150708_090752 IMG_20150708_091017 IMG_20150708_091034 IMG_20150708_091210 IMG_20150708_091212 IMG_20150708_091419 IMG_20150708_091438

Once she was done with painting, I gave her glitter glue in squeeze bottles. I also gave her a spoon. After every squeeze, she would mix up all the glue. She enjoyed the process of squeezing and mixing so much!

IMG_20150708_091626 IMG_20150708_091705 IMG_20150708_091709 IMG_20150708_091817 IMG_20150708_091859 IMG_20150708_091951 IMG_20150708_092135 IMG_20150708_092302 IMG_20150708_092634 IMG_20150708_092830 IMG_20150708_092834 IMG_20150708_093050 IMG_20150708_093556 IMG_20150708_093609

Like any other process art project, there is not much of an end product. What matters is the process – having fun painting, squeezing, mixing.



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